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Title 10

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Title 10

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Editorial codification of the general and permanent rules published in the Federal Register.

§ 431.72 Definitions concerning commercial warm air furnaces.

The following definitions apply for purposes of this subpart D, and of subparts J through M of this part. Any words or terms not defined in this Section or elsewhere in this part shall be defined as provided in Section 340 of the Act.

Basic model means all commercial warm air furnaces manufactured by one manufacturer within a single equipment class, that have the same nominal input rating and the same primary energy source (e.g. gas or oil) and that do not have any differing physical or functional characteristics that affect energy efficiency.

Commercial warm air furnace means a warm air furnace that is industrial equipment, and that has a capacity (rated maximum input) of 225,000 Btu per hour or more.

Thermal efficiency for a commercial warm air furnace equals 100 percent minus percent flue loss determined using test procedures prescribed under § 431.76.

Warm air furnace means a self-contained oil-fired or gas-fired furnace designed to supply heated air through ducts to spaces that require it and includes combination warm air furnace/electric air conditioning units but does not include unit heaters and duct furnaces.

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