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Title 2

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Title 2

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Editorial codification of the general and permanent rules published in the Federal Register.

§ 200.442 Fund raising and investment management costs.

(a) Costs of organized fund raising, including financial campaigns, endowment drives, solicitation of gifts and bequests, and similar expenses incurred to raise capital or obtain contributions are unallowable. Fund raising costs for the purposes of meeting the Federal program objectives are allowable with prior written approval from the Federal awarding agency. Proposal costs are covered in § 200.460.

(b) Costs of investment counsel and staff and similar expenses incurred to enhance income from investments are unallowable except when associated with investments covering pension, self-insurance, or other funds which include Federal participation allowed by this part.

(c) Costs related to the physical custody and control of monies and securities are allowable.

(d) Both allowable and unallowable fund-raising and investment activities must be allocated as an appropriate share of indirect costs under the conditions described in § 200.413.

[85 FR 49568, Aug. 13, 2020]