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Title 21

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Title 21

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Editorial codification of the general and permanent rules published in the Federal Register.

§ 1309.23 Separate registration for separate locations.

(a) A separate registration is required for each principal place of business at one general physical location where List I chemicals are manufactured, distributed, imported, or exported by a person.

(b) The following locations shall be deemed to be places not subject to the registration requirement:

(1) A warehouse where List I chemicals are stored by or on behalf of a registered person, unless such chemicals are distributed directly from such warehouse to locations other than the registered location from which the chemicals were originally delivered; and

(2) An office used by agents of a registrant where sales of List I chemicals are solicited, made, or supervised but which neither contains such chemicals (other than chemicals for display purposes) nor serves as a distribution point for filling sales orders.

[60 FR 32454, June 22, 1995, as amended at 75 FR 4981, Feb. 1, 2010]