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Title 27

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Title 27

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Editorial codification of the general and permanent rules published in the Federal Register.

§ 46.166 Dealing in tobacco products.

(a) All tobacco products purchased, received, possessed, offered for sale, sold or otherwise disposed of, by any dealer must be in proper packages which bear the mark or notice as prescribed in parts 40 and 41 of this chapter. Tobacco products may be sold, or offered for sale, at retail from such packages, provided the products remain in the packages until removed by the customer or in the presence of the customer. Where a vending machine is used, tobacco products must similarly be vended in proper packages or directly from such packages.

(b) Tobacco products manufactured in the United States and labeled for exportation under chapter 52 of title 26, U.S.C. may not be sold or held for sale for domestic consumption in the United States unless such articles are removed from their export packaging and repackaged by the original manufacturer into new packaging that does not contain an export label. This applies to articles labeled for export even if the packaging or the appearance of such packaging to the consumer of such articles has been modified or altered by a person other than the original manufacturer so as to remove or conceal or attempt to remove or conceal (including by placement of a sticker over) the export label.

(c) For penalty and forfeiture provisions applicable to the selling, relanding or receipt of articles which have been labeled or shipped for exportation, see § 41.83 of this chapter.

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