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Title 30

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Title 30

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Editorial codification of the general and permanent rules published in the Federal Register.

§ 778.12 Providing permit history information.

(a) You, the applicant, must provide a list of all names under which you, your operator, your partners or principal shareholders, and your operator's partners or principal shareholders operate or previously operated a surface coal mining operation in the United States within the five-year period preceding the date of submission of the application.

(b) For you and your operator, you must provide a list of any pending permit applications for surface coal mining operations filed in the United States. The list must identify each application by its application number and jurisdiction, or by other identifying information when necessary.

(c) For any surface coal mining operations that you or your operator owned or controlled within the five-year period preceding the date of submission of the application, and for any surface coal mining operation you or your operator own or control on that date, you must provide the -

(1) Permittee's and operator's name and address;

(2) Permittee's and operator's taxpayer identification numbers;

(3) Federal or State permit number and corresponding MSHA number;

(4) Regulatory authority with jurisdiction over the permit; and

(5) Permittee's and operator's relationship to the operation, including percentage of ownership and location in the organizational structure.

[65 FR 79669, Dec. 19, 2000]