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Title 30

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Title 30

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Editorial codification of the general and permanent rules published in the Federal Register.

§ 800.4 Regulatory authority responsibilities.

(a) The regulatory authority shall prescribe and furnish forms for filing performance bonds.

(b) The regulatory authority shall prescribe by regulation terms and conditions for performance bonds and insurance.

(c) The regulatory authority shall determine the amount of the bond for each area to be bonded, in accordance with § 800.14. The regulatory authority shall also adjust the amount as acreage in the permit area is revised, or when other relevant conditions change according to the requirements of § 800.15.

(d) The regulatory authority may accept a self-bond if the permittee meets the requirements of § 800.23 and any additional requirements in the State or Federal program.

(e) The regulatory authority shall release liability under a bond or bonds in accordance with § 800.40.

(f) If the conditions specified in § 800.50 occur, the regulatory authority shall take appropriate action to cause all or part of a bond to be forfeited in accordance with procedures of that section.

(g) The regulatory authority shall require in the permit that adequate bond coverage be in effect at all times. Except as provided in § 800.16(e)(2), operating without a bond is a violation of a condition upon which the permit is issued.

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