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Title 47

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Title 47

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Editorial codification of the general and permanent rules published in the Federal Register.

§ 15.237 Operation in the bands 72.0-73.0 MHz, 74.6-74.8 MHz and 75.2-76.0 MHz.

(a) The intentional radiator shall be restricted to use as an auditory assistance device.

(b) Emissions from the intentional radiator shall be confined within a band 200 kHz wide centered on the operating frequency. The 200 kHz band shall lie wholly within the above specified frequency ranges.

(c) The field strength within the permitted 200 kHz band shall not exceed 80 millivolts/meter at 3 meters. The field strength of any emissions radiated on any frequency outside of the specified 200 kHz band shall not exceed the general radiated emissions limits specified in § 15.209. The emission limits in this paragraph are based on measurement instrumentation employing an average detector. The provisions in § 15.35 for limiting peak emissions apply.

[54 FR 17714, Apr. 25, 1989, as amended at 57 FR 13048, Apr. 15, 1992; 78 FR 34927, June 11, 2013]